Law & Motion

Litigators live for the courtroom.  We provide brief writing law & motion services to assist you in advancing your client's interests in court.  Ms. Benedict has experience in all aspects of the litigation process.  She is well versed in discovery motions, summary judgment and pre-trial motions to help frame your client's case at trial and preserve objections for appeal.

Meet Amanda F. Benedict


Ms. Benedict provides legal writing and appellate advocacy services for litigation attorneys. Ms. Benedict's litigation background included both defense and plaintiff representation. As a defense attorney, Ms. Benedict had a good working relationship with several insurance carriers advocating for their insureds in automobile liability, premise liability, and business liability matters. As a plaintiff's attorney, she was passionate about fighting for the rights of cyclists and motorcyclists who fall victim to inattentive motorists. Working on both the plaintiff's side and the defense side provides Ms. Benedict with a unique objective view of appellate and law & motion issues.

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Appellate Experience

We provide appellate services for your clients including issue selection, brief writing and oral advocacy.  Ms. Benedict has extensive appellate experience in a variety of practice areas.  She will provide an objective evaluation regarding the issues to present on appeal, perform the necessary legal research and persuasively present your client's arguments to the Court of Appeal.

Appellate Advocacy and Legal Writing Services